About Us

The Fleetwood Area Public Library strengthens our diverse community with quality service, information and new technology while promoting an early and lifelong love of learning.


The Fleetwood Area Public Library is located in what was the library of the former Fleetwood Area Jr. - Sr. High School. This building housed grades 7-12 until 1967. In the '67 - '68 school year it housed grades 6-12 on a split day schedule, with grades 9-12 attending morning session and 6-8 attending afternoon session. In 1968 the building became the Fleetwood Area Middle School, housing grades 6-8. In 1989, a new Fleetwood Area Middle School was built and this building was sold to the Fleetwood Borough and became the Fleetwood Community Center. Most of the shelving in the current library was in the school library.

A list of staff members and members of the Board of Trustees. The Fleetwood Area Public Library Board of Trustees meets the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm in the Fleetwood Council meeting Room on first floor. Meetings are open to the public and are listed on our events calendar. The Board does not meet in July or December. Board meeting minutes are available upon request at the Fleetwood Area Public Library.


  • Director: Carin Mileshosky

  • Youth Services Coordinator: Stacy Laucks

  • Business Manager: Daniel Hoch

  • Library Clerk I: Laurie Ayrton

  • Library Clerk I: Dawn Pennington

  • Library Clerk I: Marie Richdale

  • Library Clerk II: Flo Weber

  • Library Clerk II: Ashley Shafer


  • President: Lois Geist

  • Vice President: Open

  • Secretary: Marsha Anderson

  • Treasurer: Mackenzie Weaver

  • Board Member: Alexa Schaefer

  • Board Member: Open

  • Board Member: Lee Turner

  • Board Member: Laura Walizer

  • Board Member: Open