About Us

The Fleetwood Area Public Library serves the Fleetwood Borough, Maidencreek Township, and Richmond Township communities. Our mission is to drive the Fleetwood Area forward by providing equitable access to quality resources and technology, encouraging an early and lifelong commitment to learning, and strengthening our community by providing and connecting patrons to quality programs and services.


We Drive Fleetwood Forward by providing equitable access to quality resources and technology.

  • Identify, acquire, and maintain a collection of physical and digital materials that meet the needs of the Fleetwood Area. 
  • Partner with the Fleetwood Area School District and other local organizations on successful ways to share resources to provide better access to all within our community.
  • Continuously evaluate technology resources in order to maintain their efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Actively interface with the Fleetwood Area by participating in community events, visits from library staff, and delivery of satellite library collections.

We Drive Fleetwood Forward by encouraging an early and lifelong commitment to learning.

  • Provide programs that support early learning literacies and participate in state and county-wide initiatives like 1,000 Books before Kindergarten, One Book, etc.
  • Cultivate a strong relationship with the Fleetwood Area School District (FASD), correlating our goals with the school’s curriculum and Profile of a Graduate.
  • Maintain a space with resources and tools for patrons to learn a new skill or expand knowledge in order to become successful in the workforce and contribute to the community.
  • Promote growth mindset and lifelong learning through our programs and resources.

We Drive Fleetwood Forward by strengthening our community; providing and connecting patrons to quality programs and services.

  • Provide an engaging space for all community members to inspire creativity, embrace diversity, and deepen our perspectives.
  • Provide the opportunity for peer-to-peer learning so that our community can collaborate, encourage, and grow together.
  • Collaborate with local organizations and PA Forward partners to create a community calendar, resource center, and cooperative programming opportunities.


Revised February 26, 2019, Reviewed January 19, 2021, Revised January 18, 2022

The Fleetwood Area Public Library is located in what was the shop of the former Fleetwood Area Jr. - Sr. High School. This building housed grades 7-12 until 1967. In the '67 - '68 school year it housed grades 6-12 on a split day schedule, with grades 9-12 attending morning session and 6-8 attending afternoon session. In 1968 the building became the Fleetwood Area Middle School, housing grades 6-8. In 1989, a new Fleetwood Area Middle School was built and this building was sold to the Fleetwood Borough and became the Fleetwood Community Center. The library moved from the upstairs (former library of Fleetwood Area Jr.- Sr. High School) location in 2020. Our new location is state of the art with brand new flooring and shelving. It has been quite the transformation. 

A list of staff members and members of the Board of Trustees. The Fleetwood Area Public Library Board of Trustees meets the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm in the Fleetwood Council meeting Room on first floor. Meetings are open to the public and are listed on our events calendar. The Board does not meet in July or December. Board meeting minutes are available upon request at the Fleetwood Area Public Library.


  • Director: Christie Brown

  • Youth Services Coordinator: Stacy Laucks

  • Teen Services: Kelly Jacoby

  • Library Clerk II: Flo

  • Library Clerk I: Laurie

  • Library Clerk I: Dawn

  • Library Clerk I: Cameron

  • Library Clerk I: Niko

  • Library Clerk I: Lisa


  • President: Lee Turner

  • Vice President: Heidi Luckenbill

  • Secretary: Alexa Cooney

  • Treasurer: Mackenzie Weaver

  • Board Member: Diane Dreibelbis

  • Board Member: Marsha Anderson

  • Board Member: David Crissman

  • Board Member: Kate Schuler

  • Board Member: Andrea Salsano

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