Summer Quest

summer quest

Join Berks County Public Libraries this summer for “Summer Quest,” a brand new summer learning initiative that will have your kids reading, exploring, learning, and earning prizes along the way. With free summer learning activities, virtual performances, digital resources, and curbside service, the library is here to serve your kids and teens all summer long!


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Begin your Quest this Summer with your local library!

This summer, we’re moving the quest online! Log the books you’ve read and the learning activities you’ve completed by visiting your library’s READsquared page below. Tracking is easier than ever and kids and teens can earn virtual badges and library prizes!

Summer Quest isn't just for kids! Do you have a teen at home who needs a challenge? Summer Quest is for them, too.

(Need a paper learning log instead? Contact your local library to pick one up or download!)


Ready to begin your quest? Click on the library link below and log-in to get started!

Programs & Activities

Summer Quest at your library also hosts tons of free learning programs and special activities. Check out our events calendar or “like” your library’s social media pages to see what programs are offered near you! Some highlights include:

Get the full schedule of summer library events, plus updates and more by clicking on your library's Facebook page below:

Preventing the "Summer Slide"

The words “summer slide” may sound like a fun new playground ride, but it’s actually what teachers call the setbacks kids face when they are out of school over summer months. They’re not in class anymore, not engaged anymore, and kids start to forget what they’ve learned during the school year. Kids will generally lose 2 months of learning over the summer!

However, with the help of libraries and Summer Quest, kids who read, are read to, or participate in learning activities will not only retain what they’ve learned, but improve on it. Summer Quest will give your kids a head start when school resumes in the fall!