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The Berks County Public Libraries, as a federated library system of 19 public libraries manages administrative and centralized support services as a department of the County of Berks. A 7 member at-large Advisory Board, appointed by the Board of Commissioners, works in collaboration with member libraries to promote life-long learning and community engagement through resource collections, technology and programming.


Friends of Berks County Public LibrariesFriends logo

The Friends of Berks County Public Libraries organization was formed in 1980 to support the public libraries throughout the county. The organization is a volunteer, non-profit association dedicated to supporting all of the public libraries in the Berks County System.

Learn more about the Friends group and how their help has benefited libraries all around Berks County.



Berks County Public Libraries Crawl

We're continuing the conversation the Free Library of Philadelphia began with their "The Free Library in a Day" exploration. 24 locations, 10 hours, and 165 miles later, we take you on a virtual tour of the Berks County Public Libraries!



The Public Libraries of Berks County—2013

The public libraries of Berks County are essential community resources that provide a high return on community investments. Each busy library serves people and businesses providing a lifelong learning environment that integrates heritage and community with access to more than 350 public computers and shared resources that reach throughout the county, state and country. Created in 2013.