Hotspot Lending

“Check Out the Internet” with a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Berks County Public Libraries cardholders can now check out Wi-Fi Hotspots from select library locations. Cardholders gain access to unlimited, high-speed Internet service anywhere a signal can be received. Hotspots are an excellent tool for job-seekers, students and anyone without Wi-Fi needing online information—perfect for those who have no Internet access at home, are going on vacation, or taking their business on the road.

Wi-Fi Hotspots are portable and connect up to ten devices at a time, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. 

Hotspots are available through the countywide catalog or by contacting the owning library directly. Each participating library may have different lending requirements; call ahead for more information and device availability.

Some libraries may charge a nominal fee ($) when borrowing Hotspots.

open laptop with wifi symbol
Participating Libraries