Pages for Pets

Help a pet get adopted! Join the Pages for Pets Reading Challenge!logo

Reading District Libraries are working together to help a pet get adopted this summer.

Every time you read, it will count towards our community goal of 500,000 minutes and sponsoring an adoption at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County.

Read from June 17 to July 26 to help! The adoptable pet will be revealed by ARL on July 29!







Check in weekly to submit your minutes towards our community goal of 500,000 minutes! 

What counts as reading? Whatever you like to read! Read a novel, listen to an audiobook, re-read your favorite picture book, peruse a newspaper or your favorite blog, read comics and graphic novels! Try something new or re-read your old favorites!

Need help finding something to read? Check our these special collections in our digital collection?

Who can read? Anyone! This is a community read program. It’s great for kiddos and teens, but also perfect for adults who want to help the Animal Rescue League of Berks County or need a little “push” to find time to read this summer. You can even read and track your progress together as a family or a group (at a daycare, book club, etc.).

How do we track reading? We are reading towards a community goal of 500,000 minutes. Every time you read, take a note of your reading habits. You can keep track of how many minutes you’ve read, how many pages, how many books, or even if you just read at all that day. No matter how you keep track, submit that number and we will tabulate it to add towards our community goal of 500,000 minutes. 


Meet last year's adoptee, Agent 007! Thanks to all of our reading, Agent 007's adoption fees were sponsored, making it easier for him to find his wonderful forever home! 

agent 007