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The seven-member Advisory Board of the Berks County Public Libraries System provides counsel and strategic advice to the Library System and its member libraries. The Board’s roles include the review and approval of System-wide policies and the distribution of state funds to member libraries in accordance with the approved funding formula. System Member Representatives offer feedback and meet quarterly with the Advisory Board throughout the year with additional meetings scheduled as needed. Meetings are usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at Library System Headquarters or virtually on Teams and are open to the public. For 2024, the Berks County Public Libraries Board of Directors will meet on February 21, May 15, August 21, November 20. Approved minutes will be posted online

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BCPL System Advisory Board Finance Committee Meetings

Meetings will be held at the Berks County Public Libraries System Headquarters at 1040 Berks Road, Leesport, PA 19533:

  • Wednesday, May 1, 2024 at 6:30PM in-person only
  • Wednesday, June 5, 2024 at 12PM in-person and virtually on Teams
  • Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at 12PM in-person and virtually on Teams (CANCELLED due to lack of agenda items to discuss)


Finance Committee Meeting—June 26, 2024

The previously advertised June 26, 2024 at 12PM BCPL Advisory Board Finance Committee is cancelled due to lack of agenda items to discuss.




BCPL Advisory Board Meeting—May 15, 2024

The May 15, 2024 BCPL Board meeting will take place at 7 PM in person at System HQ: 1040 Berks Road, Leesport, PA 19533. A virtual meeting option will also be available on Microsoft Teams. Instructions on how to join the Teams meeting can be found here.

Join Teams Meeting here.

Public comment will be accepted in person and through the comments@berkslibraries.org email address until 7 PM the evening of the meeting. Please include your first name, last name, and library name for all comments. Any comments without name and library name will not be considered. Each citizen can submit one comment. In-person comments will be accepted first, followed by comments submitted virtually via email. The meeting comment period is limited to a total of 30 minutes including both in-person and virtual comments. This time period may be extended at the discretion of the Advisory Board. Please be concise. Comments that are germane to Library business will be read during the meeting and should not be considered to be interactive dialog with the Advisory Board.

Meeting Documents: