Summer Quest


Tails and Tales

The 2021 Summer Quest runs from June 6 - July 31, 2021.

How can my child participate?

Pick up a few Paper Tickets at the desk if you prefer staying away from screens. Tickets are divided into three age groups: Tots: preschoolers ages 0 – 4,  Kids going into grades K-5, and Teens going into grades 6-12 (and recent high school grads). Read to complete a Reading Ticket, or do an activity to complete a Mission Ticket. Reading tickets are worth 1 point, Mission tickets are worth 5 points. Trade the completed tickets in for Prize Bags or Raffle Tickets.


Go virtual with an easy-to-use website: READsquared! Log your reading and complete missions to reach new levels. When you reach a new level, stop in the library to spend your points. More info is available on our READSquared website.

What are the prizes?

Tots, Kids & Teens can choose Prize Bags containing a number of small prizes, or they can get raffle tickets for the various Raffle Items up for grabs. The first batch of raffle winners will be drawn halfway through the program; the second batch of raffle items will then be put on display and the second round of raffle winners will be drawn at the end of the program.

Tots, Kids, & Teens are also eligible for the weekly Backpack Raffle every week they turn paper  tickets in or reach a new level in READSquared. Each drawstring backpacks will contain a few age-appropriate books or goodies. Winners will be contacted by phone.

Adults can participate too!

Earn a raffle entry towards an awesome gift basket every time you finish a book. Pick up paper Adult Reading Tickets at the library, complete them, then turn them in for your chance to win.

What programs will be offered this year?

Most programs will be virtual; registration is required for all in-person and live programs. Various Take-Home Projects such as Craft Kits and STEM Bags will be available throughout the summer. Teen Book Drop boxes and Kids’ Reading Bags will also be available for a short time.  Continue to check here and our Facebook Page for updates!

Thank you for being our patrons and for participating in Summer Quest!


Animal Fiction:

Choose an animal story and read it at home. Answer the following questions on the back of your Challenge Ticket:

1)     What’s the title of the book?

2)     Write a short summary of the book.

3)     Why did you choose this book?


Mythical Beasts:

Create your own original mythical creature! Mythical beasts are creatures that often appear in stories, like unicorns, phoenixes, chimeras, the Sphinx, etc.  First, think of what your beast would look like and draw a picture of it on a letter-sized piece of paper. Then, answer the following questions on your paper:

1) What is the name of your beast?

2) From what animals is it made?

3) Does it have any special skills or powers?

If you're having trouble getting started, check the library for books about fantastical creatures.


Bird Watching:

Take a few days to observe the birds in your yard or neighborhood. Try to identify the birds that you saw using an online encyclopedia or a bird book. Then answer the following questions on the back of your ticket:

1) Write the names of the birds you saw on the back of your ticket (at least two).

2) Write a short description of each bird (size, colors, etc)

3) What does each bird like to eat?


Animal Fact:

Choose a nonfiction animal book and read it at home. Answer the following                          questions on the back of your Challenge Ticket:

1)     What’s the title of the book?

2)     Write three 3 facts you read about in the book                                                                          (what does your animal eat, where does it live, etc).

3)     Why did you choose a book about this animal?