Summer Quest


🏰 SUMMER QUEST 2020 🏰       

Click here for the SSPL Summer Quest Infomercial.

Summer Quest runs from June 22 - August 15, 2020. Please read the following carefully, as our summer program has been modified. There will be bumps in the road, but we'll learn from them!

Go virtual with an easy-to-use website: READsquared! Keep track of minutes spent reading and complete missions to earn points towards virtual badges (and actual prizes). Each minute spent reading is worth 1 point, and activities (missions) are worth more. Log your reading time and complete missions to rack up the points and get to the next level. It's free and any age can sign up for the program. More info is available on our READSquared website.

Paper Trackers will also be available via curbside pickup for participants who do not have internet access or prefer staying away from screens. Trackers are for tots, kids, and teens only. Simply call the library after 6/21 to schedule a time to pick up tracker sheets. Read or do activities to complete the tracker, then trade it in at another curbside pickup for a prize bag and another tracker. Be sure to tell staff the correct age group for your child when picking up a tracker or when trading in a tracker for a prize bag:

Tots: ages 0 - 4      Kids: ages 5 - 11      Tweens/Teens: ages 12 - 18

Programs will be virtual. Various Take-Home Projects such as Craft Kits and STEM Bags will also be available for pickup. Continue to check our Facebook Page for Summer Quest updates, storytimes, crafts, entertainers, and COVID-19 Updates.