About Us

The dates for 2024 Board of Trustees meetings are: January 16, February 20, March 19, April 16, May 14, June 18, July 16, August 20, September 17, October 15, November 19, December 17

The meetings begin at 7pm.

The public is welcome to attend BCL board meetings. If you wish to attend the meeting please contact the director to confirm the format (in-person or virtual). 


  • Director: Denise Pulgino Stout

  • Assistant Director: Sami Jo Trout

  • Youth Services Coordinator: Sorcha Smith

  • Fundraising and Marketing Coordinator: Sarah Vasquez

  • Assistant Supervisor: Sairra Cloen

  • Library Assistant: Douglas Cartwright

  • Library Assistant/Passport Agent: Crissy Croissette

  • Library Assistant/Passport Agent: Fran Fronheiser

  • Library Assistant: Elise Hoh

  • Bookkeeper: Dave Focht

  • Maintenance Technician: Rick Boehmer

  • President: Tina Brown

  • Vice President: Kelly Kindig

  • Secretary: Robert Kistler 

  • Treasurer: Joanne Dodie Heffner

  • Trustee: Justin Hall

  • Trustee: Patricia Nunan

  • Trustee: Sara Bates

  • Trustee: Amy Nase


PA Forward logo


     Boyertown Community Library participates in PA Forward. The Pennsylvania Library Association launched this statewide initiative, which ensures that libraries are helping people reach their greatest potential and meet the demands of daily life. This happens through programs and collection development in each of the five literacies. 

     We are proud to say that we have earned our Gold Star! We have successfully demonstrated that we incorporate PA Forward’s five literacies with our's library’s programs and resources. With PA Forward, we continue to build capacity for the library and to further engage our patrons, helping them recognize that libraries are more than books, and offering them a world of possibilities.

pa forward