Fleetwood Kids

We have lots of amazing preschool programs for your little ones! Check back as our offerings are always changing and expanding!

Preschool Sprouts

During our COVID-19 restrictions our Preschool Sprouts is being held via Zoom on Wednesday mornings at 9:30am. We also have a private Facebook group you can join to find more resources, connect with other Preschool Sprout families, and view the past week Zoom class if you missed it. Email Ms. Stacy at fleetwoodkids0146@gmail.com for access to either of these options!

Creative Playtime

Creative Playtime normally occurs on Friday mornings at 9:30am. A more laid back storytime program, Creative Playtime features a little bit of literacy and a whole lot of fun. Like Preschool Sprouts, our current offering is on Zoom on Friday mornings at 9:30am. Email Ms. Stacy at fleetwoodkids0146@gmail.com for access to this Zoom class. 

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Instructions

Reading Log with Dots

Reading Log with Title List


Homeschool MAKERspace is usually offered on Friday afternoons at 12:30pm. During COVID-19 restrictions all of this can be found on our private Facebook page. To gain access to this site please email Ms. Stacy at fleetwoodkids0146@gmail.com. 

Homeschool MAKERspace is divided into four week lessons:

1st Friday: S.T.E.A.M.

2nd Friday: Art (Ask about our Google Classroom!)

3rd: Friday: Science

4th Friday: Music