About Us

Spring Township Library is located in Berks County and has grown quickly through the dedication and support of our patrons and staff. Our mission is to engage our community in literacy and learning by providing materials and information for life, work, and pleasure; and to engage in community outreach so that the township’s population knows what our libraries can provide for them. Our library offers a welcoming and meaningful experience to all who enter. The Spring Township Library is an essential, strategic component to the success of the township.

Board Meetings

Board Meeting

Please see the full details here and keep checking back for the most recent information.

The monthly STLA Board Meetings are usually held at the West Lawn-Wyomissing Hills Library and virtually on Zoom. Meetings are open to the public. Occasionally, last minute changes must be made to accommodate the health of our members.  Please email springtwp@berks.lib.pa.us with questions or meeting link requests.

Meeting Location & Time

The regular monthly meetings of the Spring Township Library Association will be held at the West Lawn-Wyomissing Hills Library and virtually on Zoom, at 7:00 PM, prevailing time, on the second Thursday of each month during the calendar year 2022.

June 9th, 2022
July 14th, 2022
August 11th, 2022
September 8th, 2022
October 13th, 2022
November 10th, 2022
December 8th, 2022

Below is a list of staff members and members of the Board of Trustees. The Spring Township Library Association meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at the West Lawn-Wyomissing Hills Library and virtually on Zoom. Meetings are open to the public.

Library Staff
  • Director: Barbara K.

  • Youth Program Coordinator: Jessica C.

  • Community Relations Coordinator: Timothy L.

  • Library Assistant: Susan D.

  • Library Assistant: Donna O.

  • Library Assistant: Tina O.

  • Library Assistant: Riley Y.

  • Library Assistant: Virginia P.

  • Library Assistant: Mark B.

Board of Trustees
  • President: Jennifer Yetter

  • Vice President: Andrea Dillaway-Huber

  • Treasurer: John Emerick

  • Secretary: Sherry Auman

  • Board Member: Donna Bird

  • Board Member: Lisa Hoopes

  • Board Member: Laurel Quigley

If you are older than 14 years of age, you can volunteer at the Spring Township Library.

Volunteer Clearances

We're Aiming for Gold!

The Spring Township Library is working towards the Gold PA Forward Star.


What is PA Forward?

"The Pennsylvania Library Association’s 21st Century Literacies Initiative, PA Forward, was conceived to give voice to what the library community already knows, and what other states throughout the nation are also recognizing:

With the right support, libraries are ideally positioned to become the community centers of information, technology, and learning that will fuel educational and economic opportunity for all of our citizens.

Libraries have moved far beyond just being book repositories. They’re agile institutions serving real-life needs. Libraries are the key to powering progress and elevating the quality of life in Pennsylvania by fueling the types of knowledge essential to success: Basic Literacy, Information Literacy, Civic and Social Literacy, Health Literacy, and Financial Literacy." 

PA Forward will benefit PA's libraries and all Pennsylvanians who use them by:

  • Making library services available for all Pennsylvania citizens
  • Strengthening state-supported library services and leveraging greater local and private support
  • Having an integrated library system that will not only lower local costs, but improve resource-sharing for citizens
  • Providing more databases at a lower cost and a better statewide delivery system
  • Bolstering the recognized link between library service and workforce development
  • Raising the profile and importance of libraries and librarians

We hope to announce our first goal, the Bronze Star, as soon as possible!