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Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Muhlenberg Community Library is to promote lifelong learning opportunities by offering free library services to all who seek to change, improve, enrich, and enjoy their lives.

Vision Statement

Muhlenberg Community Library will build an awareness of the library as a center for knowledge and resources as well as a springboard for creative ideas to enrich our community.

Muhlenberg Community Library will be a welcoming safe hub of knowledge, resources, programs, and activities for all citizens to make connections towards community progress.


Linda Roebuck- President

Kathleen Felker - Vice President

Karen Schreiber - Treasurer

Lori Madara - Recording and Corresponding Secretary

Diane Benson - Trustee

Norma Rutt - Trustee

Janet Howard - School Board Liaison

Kelly Gorski - Trustee

Judy Kutzamanis - Trustee

Romeris Perez - Trustee


The Muhlenberg Community Library Board of Trustees generally meets at 4:30 pm on the second Monday of each month in the Muhlenberg Community Library. Meetings are open to the public and are listed on our Events Page. The minutes are available by request from the library director.


Board Meeting Minutes 2018               

2018-01-Board Minutes

2018-02-Board Minutes

2018-03-Board Minutes

2018-04-Board Minutes

2018-05-Board Minutes

2018-06-Board Minutes

2018-07-Board Minutes

2018-08-Board Minutes

2018-09-Board Minutes

2018-10-Board Minutes

2018-11-Board Minutes

2018-12-Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes 2019

2019-01-Board Minutes

2019-02-Board Minutes

2019-03-Board Minutes

2019-04-Board Minutes

2019 05-Board Minutes

2019-06-Board Minutes

2019-07-Board Minutes

2019-08 No Meeting

2019-09 Board Minutes

2019-10-Board Minutes

2019-11-Board Minutes

2019-12-Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes 2020

2020-01-Board Minutes

2020-02-Board Minutes

2020-03-Board Minutes

2020-04 No Meeting

2020-05-Board Minutes

2020-06-Board Minutes

2020-07-Board Minutes

2020-08 No Meeting

2020-09-Board Minutes

2020-10-Board Minutes

2020-11-Board Minutes

2020-12-Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes 2021

2021-01 Board Minutes

2021-02 Board Minutes

2021-03 Board Minutes

2021  4 No Meeting

2021-05 Board Minutes

2021 06 Board Minutes

2021 07 Board Minutes

2021 08 No Meeting

2021 09 Board Minutes

2021 10 Board Minutes

2021 11 Board Minutes

2021 12 Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes 2022

2022 01 Board Minutes

2022 02 No Meeting

2022 03 Board Minutes

2022 04 Board Minutes

2022 05 Board Minutes

2022 06 Board Minutes

2022 07 Board Minutes

2022 08 No Meeting

2022 09 Board Minutes

2022 10 Board Minutes

2022 11 Board Minutes

2022 12 Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes 2023

2023 01 Board Minutes

2023 02 No Meeting

2023 03 Board Minutes

2023 04 Board Minutes

2023 05 Board Minutes

2023 06 Board Minutes

2023 07 Board Minutes

2023 08 No Meeting

2023 09 Board Minutes

2023 10 Board Minutes

2023 11 Board Minutes

2023 12 Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes 2024

2024-01 Board Minutes

2024-02 Board Minutes

2024-03 Board Minutes

2024-04 Board Minutes

2024-05 Board Minutes

2024-06 Board Minutes

2024-07 Board Minutes

2024-08 No Meeting

2024-09 Board Minutes

2024-10 Board Minutes

2024-11 Board Minutes

2024-12 Board Minutes

The Muhlenberg Community Library has been serving the public for over 50 years since its beginning in 1960. Our history is full of people dedicated to providing a place to educate the community. 

Muhlenberg Community Library Historical Timeline

  • Melissa Carroll  - Library Directress
  • Eileen Simms -  Assistant Library Director
  • Tara Ring - Public Relations Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Lash - Senior Library Assistant
  • Alejandrina Levy - Library Assistant/Adult Programming
  • Nany Sebastian Bueno -  Library Assistant
  • Sarah Kiebach - Youth Services Coordinator
  • Aiden Ring - Library Assistant

Muhlenberg Community Library is not currently hiring.





The Fine Free pilot program started on June 1, 2021. All Berks County Public Libraries have since moved to completely fine free for overdue items. Read on to see how it works and what are the existing exceptions.

Old fines? If you have old fines or fees on your account please contact the library to discuss amnesty options that may be available so you can start using your card. We would love to see you again!

Overdue items? There will be no late fines on items that are returned within 30 days of being overdue. Any item overdue by 30 days will go to "Lost" and the patron account will be blocked from borrowing until that item is returned.

Lost or damaged items? Fees that apply to lost or damaged items will still be charged. It pays to take care of the items you borrow! The fine free program applies only to overdue fines.

What are the exceptions? Certain types of materials will still accrue overdue fines. Overdue fines will still be charged on the following items:

  • Items from the Library of Things
  • Passes (i.e. Admission passes for museums, science centers, etc.)
  • Interlibrary Loans (materials borrowed from outside the county)
  • T-Mobile WiFi Hotspots
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Policies, Forms, & Information


Meeting Room Requests
Please visit our Meeting Room page for more information about our Meeting Rooms and to access an Application Form. After you read over the policy and complete the Application Form, please submit it to the library either in person or by email.

If you need some technological assistance, please fill out one of our Book-a-Librarian forms and submit it to the library either in person or by emailing it to the library.

Volunteer Application Form
If you'd like to volunteer at the library, please complete a Volunteer Application form and return it to the library either in person or by emailing it to the library.


Countywide Service Policies
These service policies, along with local library policies, govern library use.

Muhlenberg Community Library Policies
Following is a list of local library policies in .pdf format: