Passport Information

Boyertown Community Library is a U.S. Passport Acceptance Facility.

Passport Services available by Appointment only, Monday-Saturday. Evening appointments are also available M-W. 

Please read through the information below, then click the "+" next to "I have Read the Requirements," for options to schedule an appointment. 

Passport Requirements 

Children Under 16

All minors must have both parents present, or have a notarized Statement of Consent form (DS-3053) from the absent parent. Your child's passport must be renewed in person, using form DS-11. Passports for children under age 16 are only valid for 5 years

A child's birth certificate is required to show U.S. Citizenship and parental relationship.

Children 16-17

Children ages 16-17 must apply for a passport in person with one parent or guardian present. Your child's passport must be renewed in person, using form DS-11. Passports for applicants 16 and older are valid for 10 years.

Both the child applying and the parent or guardian with them will need appropriate ID. (See section "Identification") 

Passport Renewals

The applicant can mail form DS-82 if:

  • Previous passport was issued within the past 15 years
  • Applicant was at least 16 years old when the previous passport was issued
  • Name must be the same as prior passport, or include original marriage certificate or court order name change 
  • Previous passport is undamaged beyond normal wear-and-tear 

Passport Application 

For a first time passport or a child's renewal, you will need the DS-11 form to submit your application. The form is available at the library, or you can print them from the U.S. Department of State website. Complete the passport application, before appointment, fill out in medium to heavy black ink, unsigned and no use of White-Out.

Passport Photos

​You will need one 2"x2" photo taken within the last six (6) months. It must be front view with a white or off-white background. 

When dressing for your photo, make sure you DO NOT dress in:  

  • Camouflage Tops
  • All-White tops
  • Sleeveless tops 

The Boyertown Library charges $15 per person for photos, or you can choose to bring your own. 

Evidence of U.S. Citizenship

​Documents will be submitted with the application and will be returned after the newly issued passport:

  • A certified copy of a birth certificate, with both parents names listed. (If both parents are not listed on the birth certificate, the applicant will need to apply for a new birth certificate.)

  • A Certificate of Naturalization or of Citizenship

  • A fully valid, undamaged U.S. passport (may be expired)
  • A Consular Report of Birth Abroad

Hospital Records and Notices of Birth Registration are not birth certificates, and cannot be used as proof of citizenship. 


ID provided must be current and government issued, containing your signature and photograph:

  • A valid, in-state driver's license
  • A U.S. Passport
  • An official military identification card
  • A Certificate of Naturalization or of Citizenship​

For children ages 16-17 who do not have a valid drivers license, please bring one of the following: 

  • A learners permit
  • A School ID
  • A State ID 

For more identification documents, click here.


A separate Check or Money Order is required for each applicant at the time of the appointment. 

Routine Processing is 6 to 8 weeks.

  • $130 Adult Passport Book (Ages 16+) 
  • $100 Child Passport Book (Ages 15 and under)
  • $30 Adult Passport Card* (Ages 16+) 
  • $15 Child Passport Card* (Ages 15 and under)

Expedite Processing is 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Additional $60 per person 

Library Fees.

  • Cash, Check, Money Order, Debit, or Credit accepted
  • A $35 execution fee/per person is required for applicants using form DS-11
  • $15 is charged per person for photos taken at the appointment

Library fees for all applicants can be combined into one payment.

Payment to the library and payment to the government must be paid separately. 


* Passport Card – Not for travel by air. Valid for land and sea crossings between the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean only.

If you need your passport for urgent travel, please see: How to Get Your Passport in a Hurry.

We reserve the right to cancel/reschedule this appointment if the applicant arrives 10+ minutes late or without their forms filled out, and/or if they arrive without all the required documents. 
We may also reschedule based on unplanned library closures. 

To schedule an appointment online click here.