Library Stories: Gina

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Gina's son attending a Homeschool Lab program.

Gina and her family have been active library users for quite some time, attending programs, borrowing homeschool materials, and utilizing the Schuylkill Valley Community Library’s assorted collection of books and games.

On more than one occasion, Gina turned to the library for help when issues arose that prevented her from connecting to her job online.

“I was working full time as an Administrative Assistant,” says Gina. “I had a project that day for work that needed to be done. My internet company was working on maintenance and had shut down my Internet without notice.”

As a regular library visitor, Gina immediately thought of her library who offered free Internet connection and private, quiet workspaces that would allow her to plug in her laptop and work with some privacy.

“Not being able to connect to the Internet would have been a big issue,” she notes. “I know my boss would not have been happy, especially with this situation with this deadline. I had no flexibility to move it to a later time, and it would take the majority of the day to complete it.

“When you work completely virtually, your company/clients expect you to be able to get the job done and are counting on you. So, without internet I would not be able to do my job.”

Gina appreciates what her library has been able to offer, especially over these last few years. From grab-and-go craft packs to the support shown by library staff, the library has been a blessing for Gina and her family.

“I don’t know what we would do without our local library! Especially during the pandemic,” Gina says.


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