Library Stories: Emalee

Anakin, a young boy, wearing a mask and orange cut-out sunglasses, playfully holding his hands to his head as if he had animal ears.Emalee and her son, Anakin, frequently visit the library whether it’s for books, events, or even just a quiet place to study. They particularly enjoy the wide variety of programs available to attend.

“We loved the Spooky Halloween Music and Comedy concert presented by Turtle Dance Music,” Emalee mentioned.

Though the program was held virtually, Miss Amber the youth services librarian constructed a large screen setup at the library for families to attend in person.

“My son, the other kids and adults all had so much fun singing, dancing, and being extra silly,” she said. “The presenter was awesome. He was inclusive, funny and had wonderful visual backgrounds. I am so happy that we had the opportunity to attend.”

In spring 2022, the Brandywine Community Library hosted a special storytime in conjunction with Longwood Gardens’ Community Read. Both Emalee and Anakin attended, afterwards receiving a surprise gift of sunflower seeds and free entry tickets to visit Longwood Gardens.

“We are so excited to have the opportunity to go to a new place and engage with nature,” Emalee mentioned. “And also to plant a new flower in the spring.”

And throughout the pandemic, the library lent support to Emalee who was then teaching from home.

“The [library] staff would gather a variety of books based on the themes I was teaching,” says Emalee. “They went above and beyond to support our learning from home…I will forever be grateful for their suggestions and guidance.”


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