Library Stories: Angel

"I am fairly certain we have turned to the library first for every situation we didn’t know how to solve." —Angel, Boyertown Community Library

Angel has been a life-long library user, visiting the library for herself and her children over the last 15 years. Whether it was attending storytimes with her children, borrowing books, or utilizing the library’s collection of resources, Angel and her family of four have looked to the library as a haven of calm and source of support.

Baby Raven and a young Micah sit together reading a book.
Raven and Micah.

“We started coming to the library when my son was about 6 months old to attend story times,” said Angel. “After my daughter was born, 12 years ago, we continued attending weekly story hours and checked books out to vary our reading supply.

“We frequently maxed out our library card (that’s 50 children’s books!!!) and would return a week later to do it all over again.”

Angel mentioned that both her son, Micah, and daughter, Raven, grew up with library books. Micah was introduced to chapter books by reading the Magic Treehouse series aloud together with Angel during bedtime, and Raven explored her interest with animals by selecting books of all kinds from the library.

“She loved Owen and Mzee so much we ended up buying the book so we could stop checking it out every other week,” Angel said.

While their needs have changed over the years, Angel and her family still visit the Boyertown Community Library regularly.

“We still stop in roughly once a week,” Angel said. “Being able to look the books up online and have them ready to pick up when we get there has been so helpful when my kids have reading assignments for books we don’t own. We’ve also enjoyed the movie selections and more recently (within the last two years) discovered the games in the young adult section.  There have been several our family enjoyed so much, we then went on and purchased them.”

When asked what she enjoys when visiting the Boyertown library, Angel responded, “I can’t think of a single thing that I don’t absolutely love about the library.”


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