Berks Libraries presents


All of our library patrons are invited:

September 7, 2022 at 7 pm

Reiffton School, 4335 Dunham Drive, Reading Pa 19606


Berks Libraries presents the launch of "Attack of the Black Rectangles." A photo of Amy Sarig King in black and white. She is a white woman with long hair and freckles, wearing a black sleeveless shirt and is smiling at the camera. The picture of her new book: It is a blonde boy standing in front of a background made up of notepaper with scribbled words on it, but the title "Attack of the Black Rectangles" is visible through the scribbles. Join Amy Sarig King for a reading of her impactful and timely new novel!

There will be refreshments and copies of the book for sale! Amy will read, then discuss and take questions about the book, and also sign copies of her novel!

Miss King is the 2022 recipient of the American Library Association’s Margaret A. Edwards Award for her significant and lasting contribution to young adult literature, helping adolescents become aware of themselves and addressing questions about their role and  importance in society, relationships, and the world.


About the book:

When Mac first opens his classroom copy of Jane Yolen's The Devil’s Arithmetic and finds some words blacked out, he thinks it must be a mistake. But then when he and his friends discover what the missing words are, he's outraged. Someone in his school is trying to prevent kids from reading the full story. But who? Even though his unreliable dad tells him to not get so emotional about a book (or anything else), Mac has been raised by his mom and grandad to call out things that are wrong. He and his friends head to the principal's office to protest the censorship... but her response doesn't take them seriously. So many adults want Mac to keep his words to himself. Mac's about to see the power of letting them out.

In “Attack of the Black Rectangles,” acclaimed author Amy Sarig King shows all the ways truth can be hard... but still worth fighting for.