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The Ready.Set.READ! initiative is a collaborative initiative among the United Way of Berks County, the educational and business communities and community organizations.

Their mission: Develop and implement a comprehensive and collaborative system of support throughout Berks County that will ensure reading proficiency for students by the end of third grade.

Why is this important? Early grade reading success is a critical component of learning and a leading indicator of future academic and educational success. 43% of Berks County third graders are reading below grade level. That means that over 1,900 children in our community - urban, rural and suburban schools - are four times more likely to drop out of school and 13 times more likely to drop out if they live in poverty. They are less likely to develop skills essential for contributing to the 21st Century economy and less likely to be effective citizens.

With the help of volunteers, parent education, and community awareness, Ready.Set.READ! aims to decrease the 43% to only 10% by 2023.

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