Cruise into Kindergarten

On track for school readiness

Cruise into Kindergarten LogoWith millions of educational products for sale, it's difficult to know what will give your child the best learning experience.  There's a local gem available to families free of charge with infinite high quality learning opportunities-your local library.  Located within your community, Pennsylvania's public libraries provide stimulating and engaging experiences for children. 

Your child's future success in school is already determined before they begin Kindergarten.  "Young children who demonstrate oral language proficiency and early abilities in processing print do better in learning to read in first, second, and third grades.  This means that learning achieved during these early years is likely to be sustained throughout the primary-school years and is an important basis for successful early performance in school" (Shanahan, xiv).

Early learning programs provided by Pennsylvania Public Libraries are part of the statewide initiative, Cruise Into Kindergarten.  The initiative prepares children for school through specially designed programs.  Examples of Cruise Into Kindergarten programs include:


Block PlayBlocks
Building with blocks has many benefits.  What appears to be simple tasks like carrying, stacking, and building bridges, is incredibly important for learning math and science.  It also offers opportunities for social-emotional development when building with other children.

Play K
Includes 6 different playscapes, or "play and learn centers." Each playscape is designed around a theme or topic to explore.

Sensory Storytimes
Storytimes designed specifically for children with sensory processing sensitivity.

S.T.E.M. & S.T.E.A.M. Programs
Programs encompassing components of science, technology, engineering, and math.  Many programs also include an art.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten
A program encouraging parents and children to accomplish reading 1,000 books before starting Kindergarten.  Each milestone is celebrated at the local library through a small incentive or recognition.

You and your child will be immersed in a social and supportive environment.  Sweep aside the old fashion notion of a timid, quiet, library.  Libraries are for playing, learning, exploring, tinkering, collaboration, and of course, reading.  When is a good time to cruise over to your library? Anytime!


Cruisin’ at Home

Ready to Cruise Into Kindergarten at home? Here are free web resources to begin exploring as a family.

eBunnyActivity Cards

10 Ways to Use the Activity Cards

Online Game

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Lonigan, Christopher J., and Timothy Shanahan. "Developing Early Literacy: Report of the National Early Literacy Panel. Executive Summary. A Scientific Synthesis of Early Literacy Development and Implications for Intervention." National Institute for Literacy (2009).