Zoom the Zoo - Boa Constrictor

Wernersville Public Library Virtual Event

boa constrictorJoin us and Elmwood Park Zoo for the last of our June series of programs you won't soon forget!

Week 4, we will be learning all about the Boa Constrictor. (Alternate animal will be the Blue Tongued Skink if the Boa Constrictor is unavailable.)

In this 30 minute program, we will meet an animal ambassador, enjoy a lesson on the Boa Constrictor’s natural history, and have time at the end to ask questions.

Red-tailed boas generally are docile snakes, though wild-caught boas tend to be more aggressive than captive-bred boas. In the wild, they're solitary reptiles, preferring to spend their days in hollow logs and abandoned mammal burrows or, being partially arboreal snakes, hanging on low branches.

To register for this program and receive the Zoom link and password, email: wernersvillepl@berks.lib.pa.us

We hope to see you there!

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