Janet Spahr - Handpan Performance


Janet Spahr


The music of Janet Spahr and her handpans will not only relax you, but captivate you as well. These instruments, which are unfamiliar to most people, have a mesmerizing quality to them which enchants people of all ages. The soothing, tranquil music which Janet will perform is often described as "ethereal and spiritual.” Her wonderfully soothing compositions are perfect for relaxation, yoga, meditation, massage, and other healing therapies.

A multi-instrumentalist from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Janet finds that audiences are continually delighted to discover this new, intriguing "sound sculpture" that she enjoys introducing them to.  She will play a few additional instruments which may also be new to you!

For a preview of Janet's music, go to her website   spahrstudios.com  where you'll find videos and hear samples of the songs on her CDs. Then don’t miss this opportunity to hear her in person, as she performs her music and tells the history of the instruments.

Please call to register - 610-406-9431

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Performing Arts

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