Qigong at the Library

Event Date
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Thursday, 3/23/2023
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three silhouettes in qigong poses

You may be asking yourself "What is Qigong"? Well look no further for your answer. Qigong is a series of slow movements and breath control used to promote health and wellbeing throughout the entire body. Whether you have never done anything like qigong before, or regularly attend other exercise classes but would like to try something new, the library's qigong class can be just the thing you need to slow down your mind and relax. 

There are four aspects of the qigong practice: breathing techniques, body posture, guided imagery, and meditation. These aspects can be adapted, applied, and realized in our day to day lives. A qigong practice can be a way to ground and refocus, to feel calm and reinforced in all that we do. When we slow down and harmonize with our breath, we can use the breath as a tool for mental, emotional, and physical self-regulation and self-reflection.   

Give a qigong class a try if you would like to:

  • Return to movement after a period of inactivity 
  • Reduce and manage symptoms of anxiety and depression 
  • Work with an injury/special condition
  • Focus on a specific area of concentration within the 4 aspects of qigong

This class is led by Jay Umble, a 200-hour certified qigong teacher. He studied with Francesco Garripoli under his personal instruction. Jay teaches various types of qigong to all ages in many different settings, including in-house personal instruction.

Registration is not required. All classes are drop-in, and cost $5 to the instructor. Please arrive 5 minutes early.