Simultaneous Use Titles on Libby

If you use the Libby app to enjoy eBooks and eAudiobooks, you may have needed to place a hold request for a particular title that was already being borrowed. Libby works similarly to a physical library where there are a certain number of copies available to borrow and a queue for those next in line.

Due to the increasing demand for digital books, there are new collections in Libby that bypass this system entirely and allow you to borrow titles without waiting. This is called 'simultaneous use" and is available with only certain books.

Each collection with expire by a certain date, but anyone with a library card and the Libby app can enjoy any book on the collection lists before then—whenever you want! Check out the collections below and see what titles are available for simultaneous use.


Spanish children's book covers

Spanish Titles for Young Readers

This Spanish-language Everyone Reads collection includes juvenile ebooks and read-alongs from Jump!, Lerner Publishing Group, Rosen Publishing, and Triangle Interactive. Titles will be available until October 1, 2023.



children's book covers

Kids & Teens Collection

Featuring more than 250 ebooks and audiobooks, the Kids & Teens collection offers titles from Sourcebooks, Lerner Publishing Group, Rosen Publishing, Triangle Interactive, and other participating publishers. Titles will be available until September 2024.



children and adult book covers

Social and Emotional Learning

This collection offers books that address topics related to emotions and current social climates in a manner kids will understand. Titles will be available until June 30, 2023.