Pollywog At Home

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Welcome to Pollywog At Home!

Mr. Ron, our arts and literacy Pollywog leader, created self-contained documents of his popular children’s program for you to do at home. Each one is a full remote experience of a Pollywog session, to be shared by children and their caregivers together. The projects are designed for accessibility, and materials that families are likely to have at hand, and come complete with embedded photography and some related links for videos. Just like in-person Pollywogs, these classes have an emotional focus alongside the art project.

Is it storytime yet?

Mr. Ron carefully curated a story for each Pollywog that aligns with the lesson for that day. Adults will find links to copy and paste that take them to an online reading of each story. After children and their caregiver watched the story together, they can use the learning prompts supplied for age-appropriate conversation and reflection.

Can we create now?

Every session has an art project for children and caregivers to complete, with a focus on artistic techniques and subjects reflected in the picture book.  The goals range from enriching process art (where the experience is the focus), to learning associated terminology, techniques, and bridges to the knowledge of historical and contemporary artists. The projects are introduced in a manner intended to tie in to everyday life experiences, as well as help participants understand and express their thoughts and feelings.

Let’s Get Started!

Click on the session from the list below that you want to complete, and a PDF with the lesson and activities will download. That is all there is to participate in Pollywog At Home!



Not all sessions have worksheets.

New sessions added weekly!

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Want Some More Fun? 

To add extra excitement to the learning fun, you can receive credit for attending and working through the Pollywog At Home sessions – even multiple times! Every PDF has a link at the end that takes you to a survey. When you answer the 5 simple questions and press Submit, a form will go to the Wernersville Public Library for a prize. Prizes available include stickers, a button - - and if you finish all the sessions at least once you receive a book!