COVID-19 Communication

Update July 6, 2021:

Continued use of face coverings are encouraged to protect other patrons & staff that are not fully vaccinated, but are no longer required to be in the library.

Update May 20, 2021:

On June 1, in addition to going Fine Free, (see the library home page for details) we'll be increasing the in-building service hours to match our Library-To-Go hours.

  • New library use hours will be Monday-Thursday, 10 AM-7 PM and Saturday, 9 AM-4 PM.
  • Library-To-Go hours will continue as, Monday-Thursday, 10 AM-7 PM and Saturday, 9 AM-4 PM.

Updates to Library Use Guidelines

  • Some chairs will be placed out for minimal public seating.
  • The library use time limit restriction will increase from 30 mins to 2 hours.
  • PC use will return to our regular use allowance (automatic 1 hour session with the option of extending 1 extra hour)
  • Social distancing will still be in effect.
  • Programs will continue to meet virtually or in an outdoor forum. See the events page for specific information.
  • The Community Room (meeting room) remains unavailable for public use.
  • There will be no toys in the children’s area.
  • Some areas of the library are taped off to allow our staff to be properly socially distanced while working. If you need a book or item from that area, please just ask us to get it for you at the circulation desk.
  • There will be no patron access to the library phone.
  • Eating or drinking anywhere in the library is not permitted.
  • The water fountain will not be available.


A letter from the President of the Board of Trustees.

2020 has been one for the books!  Both literally and figuratively.          

Dear Patrons and Neighbors,

Since the Governor’s stay-at-home order closed down public libraries, COVID-19 has affected Muhlenberg Community Library in many ways. Even when closed to the public, library staff continued to work from home, helping our patrons stay connected, informed, and entertained. 

 Our mission to educate continued even as the platform and need changed, by:

  •  Learning new ways to do things 
  •  Planning how to safely re-open
  •  Purchasing more ebooks and eaudio books (Usage has doubled)
  •  Creating virtual story hours and guided craft demonstrations
  •  Providing free WiFi in our parking lot
  •  Starting curb-side pick-up

We were just about to provide in-person services again, when the rains hit and over half of the library was flooded, damaging the carpet and underlying tiles. Staff, with the help of volunteers, started the renovation by packing and moving over 500 boxes of books and shelving. Despite this adversity we will open as of December, barring any other COVID-19 closures. 

The pandemic and water damage hit the Library hard. Expected losses from March through December are: 

  •  Riverfest, Miniature Golf, and other Fundraisers - $6,050 
  •  Designer Bag Bingo and Nellie Walter Events - $8,850 
  •  Spring mailing - $7,500
  •  Used Book Sales - $1,400
  •  Renovation repairs not covered by insurance - $36,000

We need your help now.  Please donate today!

Watch Facebook and our website for Raffles and other opportunities to support the library.




Linda Roebuck

Board of Trustees, President


Please consider donating to the library if you are able. Donations can be made online on the JustGiving website ( or via checks sent directly to the library.