MCL Space Quest 2022

Space Quest2

Please join us on a new adventure, Space Quest 2022, as we Shoot for the Stars (Year-Long) and explore Eras Of History (Summer 2022). Join by clicking this link to go to our Readsquared Page. Your past account will still be valid to register. This year will be filled with inspiring tales from the past as we explore the lives of individuals who shaped the course of history with their unique contributions to science, music, art, fashion, literature, film and more.  Like a compass, our handcrafted reading challenges will point you in the right direction as you navigate the past to better understand the present and influence the future.  We are happy to provide book recommendations along the way. Watch a Youtube Tutorial for How to Register and Use Readsquared!

Space Quest

Both children and adults can navigate the quest, it is up to you how you log points either by reading and/or the missions you choose to accept in order to earn badges. This program will continue from January 1- December 31, 2022 with 2 separate raffles. One at the end of the summer (June 6- July 30) and one at the end of the program. Now Shoot for the Stars!

*Adults and Teens Only -To redeem your points for the summer raffle, go to your account and login to the main page. There is a raffle tab that has become active next to the Reading Lists. This will provide different options and show the prizes available. Select "Get Tickets" to purchase the tickets for the different prizes with your points. These will then be drawn on August 3rd. Children will be notified via phone and email with their wins.