MCL Nature Quest 2021

Nature Quest


Each and every one of us is embedded in a distinguished set of roots that connect us with our beliefs, culture, ancestral lineage, community, and the natural world around us. But how can we heal and strengthen those roots without consciously understanding who we are or where our roots are tied to? Being just one fragment in this natural world, it is critical to discover the elements of our roots that make us both unique and interconnected as a whole.

This year's program may be completed through taking on reading challenges, trying new exciting activities, and participating in library programming.Children earn points based on minutes read and adults and teens based on books read. Raffle ticket amounts will be calculated at the end of the program. Once the raffle is active, participants will be able purchase their own raffle tickets through the Readsquared platform.

Reading Royals Slapshot Challenge, which will run September 20- January 1, will allow your child to earn a free ticket as well as discounted tickets for the family. Click here for the form to print out and complete. Bring in to the library for prize redemption.

You can register today by visiting ReadSquared and signing up for our year-long Nature Quest program. Nature Quest is a year-long program encouraging patrons to discover and nurture their “roots” through a variety of exciting missions and reading challenges - So the fun doesn't have to end after summer reading is over!