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DVD Ford vs Ferrari      Excellent movie! Maybe a 5 but it was just slightly too long for me. Not that I was bored or waiting for it to end. It was pretty action filled. I just don’t like to spend that much time watching a movie.   Gave it 4 stars ****      rated by Linda K. (adult)


A Quiet Place   This was an amazing movie and the fact that a lot of the movie is "quiet" (for a reason) makes it that much more interesting to me since you had to really pay attention. The characters were portrayed very well and in one scene the main woman goes through something that a lot of women have to endure in life and the fact that again it had to be quiet was something I could not have done!!! Can't wait to watch A Quiet Place 2!  Gave it 5 stars ***** rated by Michele H. (adult)



Harry's Trees    Gave it 5 stars *****   rated by Sue M.  (adult)

Apeirogon By Colum McCann. Learn about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through the eyes of fathers who lost their daughters through terrorism on different sides of the issue. Unusual writing style, but worth sticking with it.     Gave it 5 stars *****   rated by Cheryl M (adult)  

The Holdout    This book has so many twists and turns, just when you think you have it figured out...BAM everything turns upside down. Will definitely keep you guessing and engaged. Gave it 5 stars *****   rated by Sue M (adult)  




Instagram    #savewithstories   This project started by Jennifer Gardner & Amy Adams, was to raise awareness to all of the children who are missing meals due to the pandemic. They teamed up with Save the Children No & Kid Hungry to raising funds by having celebrities read children's stories on Instagram. One of my favorites is Kate Winslet reading Green Eggs and Ham.  Gave it 5 stars *****  rated by Jennifer J. (adult)