A Summer Read

A Summer Read is a collective multi-county read for adults over the summer months. The event, which runs June through September, brings the local community together with a contemporary book topic about health and wellness. Books will remain available at Berks County Public Libraries after September. This initiative is sponsored by Wellspan: Aligning Forces for Quality – South Central PA and WITF Transforming Health Series.

Win a meet and greet with author Sue Klebold! Visit your local library or fill out our online survey to enter for a chance to win a copy of the book, a private signing with Sue Klebold, and the opportunity to hear her speak on Monday, September 16, 2019. Entries must be submitted online or to your library by August 31, 2019.



2019 Summer Read
A Mother's Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy

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On April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked into Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. Over the course of minutes, they would kill twelve students and a teacher and wound twenty-four others before taking their own lives.
For the last sixteen years, Sue Klebold, Dylan’s mother, has lived with the indescribable grief and shame of that day. How could her child, the promising young man she had loved and raised, be responsible for such horror? And how, as his mother, had she not known something was wrong? Were there subtle signs she had missed? What, if anything, could she have done differently?
These are questions that Klebold has grappled with every day since the Columbine tragedy. In A Mother’s Reckoning, she chronicles with unflinching honesty her journey as a mother trying to come to terms with the incomprehensible. In the hope that the insights and understanding she has gained may help other families recognize when a child is in distress, she tells her story in full, drawing upon her personal journals, the videos and writings that Dylan left behind, and on countless interviews with mental health experts.
Filled with hard-won wisdom and compassion, A Mother’s Reckoning is a powerful and haunting book that sheds light on one of the most pressing issues of our time. And with fresh wounds from the recent Newtown and Charleston shootings, never has the need for understanding been more urgent.
All author profits from the book will be donated to research and to charitable organizations focusing on mental health issues.


Check Out a Copy Today

You can find print editions of A Mother’s Reckoning at any of the Berks County Public Libraries. You can also read the digital e-book or listen to the e-audiobook through Libby. Libby is available on your computer or through the app.


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A Summer Read is a WITF Transforming Health and Aligning Forces for Quality – South Central PA initiative sponsored by WITF, Capital BlueCross, WellSpan Health, PA Forward, and Aligning Forces for Quality.


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